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People Will Always Be People.

Would not quite call it a summary of the first month of 2018, but it will sure feel like I want to look back on this month just to see how great it was. Because it was. As everyone else on this planet, I walked in to 2018 full of ideas, hopes and dreams and I have been doing great to keep going forward with good habits and motivation. Yes, of course  I had days when I ignored my own rules and there were days when I was questioning everything I am doing and the reason for things happening around me. But that is what makes life - you don't live every day absolutely the same.  But I am happy. And today I am feeling even happier than a month ago, and I am determined to only make my life happier with every month to come. If  you want to know what exactly made me so happy then I will tell you: 1. Doing what I love. As simple as that, I had time to spend on myself a bit more this year. Maybe not as much as I would wish to have but much more than I used to have last year. I come

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